The “Suite Royal” of our beach Hotel Praia do Forte has about 60m². 

It offers an incredible tropical room experience, even after original size of almost 100 m² has been reduced to 60 m². This suite was formerly the working atelier of the Brazilian architect Wilson Reis Netto, who also planned Praia do Forte and the Hotel Ecoresort, the former “Pousada Praia do Forte” and other villas in Praia do Forte Bahia. 

Large, king-sized bed, saloon, sofas, solar powered showers and Jacuzzi bad tube, TV 32 LCD, Telephone with direct dialling for national and international calls, minibar, electronic controlled safe, air-conditioning and a room service until 11 p.m. The room reminds its vistors of the extended stays of Wilson in Japan and Bali, because it incorporates elements from this culture.

Room size: Apartment with integrated balcony with spectacular view from your hammock, total private area 57m²: Bedroom which is also the one room which is air conditioned 14m², saloon with integrated balcony 27m², bathroom 14m², corridor 2 m².

Suite Royal, sala em frente ao mar slider 1100 x 550

Banheira na Suite Royal slider 1100 x 550

Suite Roayal sala com quarto para domir slider 1100 x 550

Suite Royal, banheira slider 1100 x 550

Suite Royal, Boutique Hotel Porto da Lua slider 11oo x 550

More info on the Suite Royal of the Porto da Lua Beach Hotel Praia do Forte

The “Suite Royal” of our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte was formerly the studio form the renowned architect Wilson Reis Netto. He designed the suite for his own proper use. Here, in this marvellous suite, he designed various project for Klaus Peters, pioneer and former owner of the whole area of Praia do Forte Bahia. Here, between 1984 and 2000, Wilson planed the vision of Praia do Forte Salvador and created together with Klaus Peters the Master plan Praia do Forte Bahia. Klaus Peters is German descendent, but Brazilian Born visionary. He bought the coconut farm Praia do Forte Bahia in 1972 and called many talented experts to support his dream to realize the lost paradise, balanced in between progress and conservation of the natural beauties which Praia do Forte Bahia has abundant to offer. In this “Suite Royal” of our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte, Wilson planned the future of Praia do Forte Bahia, and his traces are still visible today, even though unfortunately Wilson passed away in 2002 and Klaus Peters sold most of its properties after he became 70.

The first “Pousada Praia do Forte” planed by Wilson Resi Netto

But in this “Suite Royal” of our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte Wilson also planed other exciting building, like the former “Pousada Praia do Forte”, which was situated next door and was pulled down to give way to a more modern complex. Actually Wilson had from his Studio a beautiful view over the paradise of the old “Pousada Praia do Forte”. In fact, our Porto da Lua Beach Hotel Praia do Forte” and the “Pousada Porto da Lua” where the only Hotels on the beach of Praia do Forte Bahia. Unfortunately, the beautiful “Pousada Praia do Forte” was pulled down in 2004 and instead an urban condominium with over 50 flat were constructed on its place. Subsequently Porto da Lua Beach Hotel Praia do Forte lost with the demolition of the former “Pousada Praia do Forte” next to the light house a beautiful neighbour. Museum Castle Garcia D’Avila, by Architect Wilson

One of his last master pieces Wilson planned in this very nice suite was the museum of the Castle Garcia D’Avila and the monuments for the 500 year event of the Discovery of Brazil. The two similar monuments were to be constructed in Lisbon, the place where the ships left Portugal, and in Porto Seguro, where the adventures entered for the first time in history Brazil. Unfortunately for Wilson, who won the international architectural competition, the projects were cancelled one year prior to the 500 year celebration.

In the mean time, this huge suite of over 100 m2 of our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte was transformed in two very comfortable suites. Wilson’s projects are published in his biography “Em torno da Arquitetura”, Editora Correio Brasiliense, Brasília, Caderno Especial. 5 of Mai 1998 was the opening of an exposition dedicated for Wilson in the national Museum of fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro (Museu Nacional de Belas Artes no Rio - MNBA).