There are several specialised operators in Praia do Forte Bahia which offer all kinds of adventure for your holiday Brasil program.

Praia do forte offers many options for leisure and adventure. There are no radical sports in Praia do Forte, but very nice and well designed activities, which are more than worth while to explore.

Surfing in Praia do Forte Salvador

During the whole year Praia do Forte Bahia has tropical weather and warm, blue ocean water with nice sand beaches. The ocean waves are reaching on the coast of Praia do Forte Brasil with consistent and good impact. Many surf competitions have been carried out in the waves of Praia do Forte. The best place for surfing is on the reef, just where the Picinas naturais – the natural pools are located. During such surf champion ship competition Praia do Forte Brasil becomes the meeting place for the best surfers from all over the world and especially from all over Brazil who adventure the waves over the reef with a great surf. Actually, the surf area is just a view hundred metres from our beach Hotel Praia do Forte.

Horse back along beach Praia do Forte

Very nice options to ride on a horse back along the beaches and crossing the dunes, looking at the sky, the waves breaking on the beaches and the endless palm trees along the beach. This is not radical adventure, but where nice, an unforgettable tour. And the best: you leave directly form our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte on horseback. And from the height of the saddle, you almost every time can spot a marine turtle, at least during the high season from November till end of January.

Parasail in Praia do Forte

Parasail is possible leaving with a fast motor boat from the little fisherman harbour of Praia do Forte. The proper parasail is mostly done in front t of the hotel. It is exciting to hang on a parasail 10-20 meters above the sea.

Kayaking in Praia do Forte

There are several nice options for participating on a kayak tour.

Quadriciclo in Praia do Forte

Nice tour with motorized little Quadrociclos, in a kid of wilderness ambient in the forest area behind the castle. Total track length is 16 km, and normal ride duration up to 1,5 hours.
Pojuca River in Praia do Forte

There are a few options to explore the Pojuca River by boat. It is an exiting tour of about 5 km, from the river entrance in the ocean to the waterfalls.

Ocean fishing in Praia do Forte

There are many fishes waiting for talented fishermen, and a reasonably equipped boat is ready to bring you to the spot, which are quite close to the shore line. No endless boat tours to get to the right spot.

Bike Tour in Praia do Forte

Many nice options from Praia do Forte, also into the resort of Sapiranga, were many untouched tracks are available for bikers.