A simple straight forward access to Praia do Forte from Airport Salvador Bahia via 4 line highway

The Access from the Airport Salvador Brasil is quiet easy. Leave the Airport Salvador Brasil, turn left on the “Estrada do Coco” – the coconut street. You will pass a quite busy little town called "Laura de Freitas" with many small and large shopping options, but nothing to compare with Shopping Salvador or Shopping Barra. Then, crossing a little river “Rio Joanes”, you will find after some 5 km a toll station, where you have to pay to the private high way operator a toll of 4,6 Reais during week days and 6,90 Reais during weekend days. What you get for this money is a nice, comfortable, safe and clean high way. In each direction there are two lanes separated by large green area. The further you drive north, the less inhabited the area will look like. You will see white dunes and from far the shore lines of the endless beaches.

Arembepe, symbol for Hippie Generation in Brasil

After 24 km from the International Airport Salvador Bahia you will find Arembepe. During the Hippie movement In the 70’s and 80’s this little paradise became a symbol for the Hippie Generation in Brasil and South America, a movement that started in San Francisco, California and extended from corner to corner of the United States, later through Canada, and into parts of South America and Europe. And here, Arembepe became a little centre of the international Hippie movement symbolising the lost unspoiled paradise, nicely sandwiched in between the beach, rivers and lagoons.

Mick Jagger played in Armebepe

It was frequently visited by famous international singers like Mick Jagger, Roman Polanski, and Janis Joplin. But also national celebrities like Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso were among the frequent visitors. Today, it is difficult to see the beauty the place evidently offered to the Hippie movement society, since population exploded and invaded parts of the beach area and along the beautiful rive and lagoon. There was no visionary like Klaus Peters who protected Praia do Forte from this destructive, uncontrolled growth which has to a great deal destroy the paradise like beauty of Arembepe, and other locations along the cost. Today, unfortunately, you do not loose a lot if you continue your travel without entering Arembepe. If you have spare time on your trip from the International Airport Salvador Bahia to Praia do Forte, there are nicer locations like the beach of Guarajuba or Itacimirim to visit.

Highway 5 km from coast line, preserving beaches

It was a very intelligent idea from the developers to have built the road far from the shoreline, so the beaches are unspoiled from the high way. Actually it was Klaus Peters initiative to have the road built behind and not in front of the castle Garcia Davila. 

But you are still some 40 km away. Keep going on a smooth and very well maintained high way.

The famous linha verde

After Pojuca and Itacimirim, you will cross the Rio Pojuca River, which is also border line to Praia do Forte, a community within the community area of Mata de São João. Here you enter the famous “Linha Verde”, which – if would keep driving – would eventually bring you up to Recife in Pernambuco. 

But, of course, you are not going that far. In fact, already after some 5 km you will find the turn off to Praia do Forte and another 3 km drive brings you to the town. You keep driving till the end of the separated lanes where you will find a gate house. As a client of Porto da Lua, they will open the gate and explain the last 600 meters how to get to our paradise.

Leaving our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte is more difficult

And here you are. Getting away will be much more complicate – we have seen nobody leaving without being sorry that he stay at our unique Porto da Lua Beach Pousada Praia do Forte had come to a end.

But for now, this sad moment of leaving our paradise is still far away, and we would like to welcome you in our paradise. Bemvindo - Welcome in the only Beach Hotel Praia do Forte!