To further increase our contribution in sustainable ecotourism our Hotel-Praia do Forte is investigating the option for carbon compensation by collaborating with an Amazon rain forest foundation

There are many ways to contribute for enhancing sustainable tourism. We invest in cleaner technologies in our Porto da Lua Beach Hotel Praia do Forte to minimize impact and are currently evaluating the option for carbon compensation.

Forest foundation: Fundação Amazonas Sustentável

This site is under work, as are negotiations with various options like for example investing in the Amazon rain forest foundation Fundação Amazonas Sustentável. The motive to negotiate with the Amazon Foundation is a multiple one: (i) The Amazon rainforest, also recognized as Amazonia, is probably the world's largest natural resource. Since it’s ever growing vegetation constantly transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen, the Amazon rainforest is also been called the "Lungs of our Planet". About 20% of earth's oxygen flux is generated by this process within the huge Amazon rainforest. (ii) And the Amazon rainforest lays in Brazil, and so the compensation can be realized in the same country as the tourist has its stay.

Others like Brasa Tour Switzerland offer carbon compensation

It may also be mentioned that there are organisations and travel agencies who provide their own carbon compensation method. For example, the travel Agent Brasa Tour in Switzerland has its own plantation in Paraguay to provide options for their clients to compensate their carbon oxide footprint.