Hotel-Praia do Forte, lateral apartments, overlooking nice Alameda with palm trees, ocean view and sea breeze. 

The two rooms “lateral” have nice view over the coconut trees on the large sand covered passage Alameda do Martin Pescador and the ocean. The room 201 is on the first floor and has 2 balconies, one nicely vented by the sea breeze. The bathroom is very large.

The room 301 is very charming and has a very nice balcony, overlooking the coconut trees and the ocean. The balcony is covered the coconut leaves.

301 Banheiro 1100 x 550

Apartamento 301 1100 x 550

Apartamento lateral com vista para o mar e o coqueiral 1100 x550

Apartemanto lateral com vista para o mar

Leteral 1100x550