A tropical breakfast in our Porto da Lua Beach Hotel-Praia do Forte: large variety of traditional tastes and tropical fruits. 

We are renowned in Brazil and beyond for our breakfast. It is a special treat to have breakfast in our restaurant, the only beach located Hotel-Praia do Forte. It is a unique place and watching the sparkling of the morning sun on the water within the reef is a reward by itself. There are no words for it.

Cafe de manha buffet slider 1100 x 550

We serve fresh fruits like mango, pineapple, banana, papaya, oranges, goiaba and so on. And we prepare everyday new cakes and other delicious items, but consistent with the tradition of Bahia and our international clients.

Café de manha slider 1100 x 550

Come and enjoy a nice coffee, fresh fruit and other delicious items on a nicely arranged buffet. Relax on your morning table, and watch the morning sun glittering over the reef. And of course, enjoy the fresh breeze.