The little airport of Praia do Forte Bahia offers spectacular Panorama flight - Panoramic flight and skydiving and worth including in your holiday-Brasil program

The little airplane strip for your lies about 10 km away from Praia do Forte. You can reach the little landing strip with quiet a nice infrastructure with hangar and fuelling station by crossing the “Linha Verde”, passing by Azuzinho, Malhadas and Acu da torre. The little airport is easy to find. If you arrange your Panorama flight - Panoramic flight with the company “Fly and Fun”, they normally organize shuttle service, included in the flight price. Skydiving parachute jumps are also possible. It may be a great item for your holiday program for Brasil.

Fly and Fun operates two little airplanes, one for four and one for six passengers. One of these little airplanes has been outfitted to perform skydiving and parachute jump sport. And you will land safely on the beach.