In our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte we do great efforts do improve Sustainability for a sustainable ecotourism

Sustainability, by the Brundtland Commission

Sustainability has first been defined by the Brundtland Commission, which derived from the WCED (World Commission on Environment and Development). The Definition of Sustainability has been derived from the name of its Chair G.H. Brundtland. The activity was started in the 80th by the United Nations. This commission had been formed to deal with growing worry on the fast growing worsening of the environment. For men kind, sustainability includes economic, social and environmental factors.

Ecotourism, a long way to go

Sustainable tourism includes a commitment for making minimal effect on the global environment and the local culture by serving to produce prospect employment for the local population. We from the Porto da Lua Beach Hotel in Praia do Forte have our Sustainability policy do join with our efforts to make your trip environmentally more sustainable. Solar water heating

We use solar collectors and heat pump to heat the domestic water, we use local food and we conserve energy and water. We have fair payroll for our employees, we do not support a hire and fire strategy for our co-workers, but keep the staff even at low seasons like during the month of May under pay role, so they can plan their present and future life on a safe income in a well-balanced team.