Different options to fly from Europe to Salvador de Bahia Brasil including regular airlines and charter flight, such as Condor or TAP

There are different options to reach Salvador de Bahia form Europe. Direct flights on a regular basis are only with Portuguese airlines TAP from Lisbon and on a charter flight such as with Condor from Frankfurt. But depending on the season of the year, other airline companies offer a charter flight or other options for direct flights. These options have to be explored on a day to day basis, or just ask your travel agency or Google, or call us.

Charter flight versus direct flight such as TAP

There are many options, and your travelling agent certainly will help you to accommodate the best connections between your destination and our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte. TAP is always a good option, especially for round trip adventures, starting somewhere in the south of Basil like Rio, and then leaving the country from Salvador, with a direct flight from the International Airport Salvador Bahia Brazil to Lisbon Europe.

Tap flies to most cities in Brasil

From Lisbon there are connections to almost all major cities in Europe. This may be a better options than flying in to Sao Paulo with a round trip ticket, because then, after your nice stay in Porto da Lua Beach Hotel Praia do Forte, you will have to fly back to Sao Paulo for boarding your flight back to Europe. TAP may be more expensive, but it may turn out to be more convenient for you than a charter flight. Discuss the options with your travel agent.